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Custom Artwork

Do you have a custom art project in mind? Here you will find more information on how I can bring your vision to life!

Available Mediums

The three core disciplines that I offer are Sculpture, Painting, and Drawing. As a multi-media artist, materials and methods from these categories can be combined. Below are more details, including the average minimum cost to order a custom artwork of that type.



Custom fee starts at: $80.00

Timeline: 1-2 months

Hand-building sculpture using ceramic clay is my specialty. I also create 3D artwork using mediums such as polymer clay, plaster, textiles (soft sculpture), and found objects (assemblage). The most common Sculptures that I create are ceramic décor and functionalware, such as plant pots and serving dishes.

AW Jesse Thomas Interior - HH.jpg


Custom fee starts at: $300.00

Timeline: 1 month

My most developed artistic discipline is Painting, and I love creating human and animal portraiture with acrylics and oils on canvas. Acrylic is my most versatile painting medium; I have experience working on on paper, canvas, and wood media, as well as compatible 3D objects or surfaces. From wall murals to fashions to customization, I will paint it.



Custom fee starts at: $50.00

Timeline: 1-2 weeks

Drawing is my bread and butter, and includes anything 2D with an emphasis on strong linework. I regularly use pen-and-paper to conceptualize and complete rough designs and final rendered artwork. I use mediums such as graphite, conte, and inks. This is the most affordable option for custom artwork due to the lower cost of materials. Example projects are tattoo design, character design, and portraiture.

Fill out the Custom Artwork Request form when you are ready to start an order:

Artist services

Need a helping hand from your friendly neighborhood visual artist?


I can be booked for facilitating events like paint nights, consultation for major art projects, presenting on arts events or works, and more!


Artist Professional Services are flat rates that average to $100 per hour.


Let me bring your vision to life!


I can complete custom artwork such as drawings, paintings, sculptures, and more!


Artwork Fees are calculated based on material expenses and hours required to complete the work.


Are you at the early stages of visualizing your project?


Book a consultation with me so that I can summarize your vision as tangible thumbnails and project drafts.

Design work is a flat rate of $350 per 3 hours of work.

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